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by Bellowme | 14/07/2007 11:57:48


Simple post, i'm curius what macros you mages out there use in generel.

So go into your WTF folder and find your Macro-cache, and post what you got and what the macros do.

I'll just start off with


The WE summon, attack, freeze macro

/cast [noPet] Summon Water Elemental
/click [pet] PetActionButton5

Click this macro several times, and you will summon your We, and if its out it will attack and give you the aim for freeze

My ice block
/cancelAura Ice Block
/cast Ice block

This macro gives instant ice block and breaks it instant if you double clock it


Instant CS macro
/cast Counterspell

Simple instant counterspell, think most mages got this one already.

I Win
/stopmacro [noharm]
/cast Arcane Power
/cast Presence of Mind
/use 13
/cast Pyroblast

This macro only works if you target a enemy, so you can't target a citter and use or have no target and use.. Uhm, also known as the "IWIN" macro insant pyro and uses the trinket you got in the right slot..

Most used macro atm
/say Does it say Free Water above my head? Not really.
/script CancelTrade();

Got no fire macros atm..

So this is where you then add your macros which you wanna share with me/us.

Sorry if i spelt some words wrong, my english isn't the best.

Edit: I know there already is a collection on the forum, but some of those macros are out of date, and there clearly has to be more out there..

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* Just because you don't lose enough to mages already, we're making spell reflect have an even more obvious animation.

by Vaneras | 30/07/2007 17:58:42


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