by Stylewalkeer | 14/03/2007 01:45:45

Hi there

I have a newspaper on the Balnazzar realm coming out each monday, and i would like to have some kind of contests / lottery in it. Since i read in the scam policy that casinos are forbidden, i was wondering what form of contest / lottery i am allowed to have.

Since i need to give away some nice price, i would also need to charge a smaller amount to join in for the contest, let's say 1g. Would that be a violation against your rules?

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by Eilanai | 14/03/2007 17:52:11

Hi Stylewalkeer,

Running any kind of competition or gambling where players must pay to enter can result in action taken against your account; you can run contests and give rewards if you want, but players should not be paying to enter.

Best of luck :)

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