Installing wow on a new vista PC

by Person | 13/04/2007 19:31:56


Ok i got a new computer...its got vista [but in dutch:(] i try to install wow on it from my old CDs which i brought like 20months or somthing...i install the first CD it goes well mabye just a little bit slow...i cahnge to the 2nd CD it carries on for abit but then just stops...i doesnt even sound like the CD is spinning... and thiers no error message or anything..
its stops installing at about 40% or somthing
so any ideas? or advice
thnx in advance

btw its the wmo.MPQ file that is stops on

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by Gelmkar | 13/04/2007 20:49:51



Could you please read the following thread and try the steps mentioned, as they may offer a solution to your problem.

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