I can't hear any sound effects.

by Naeboz | 25/11/2007 16:41:03


Everything has been fine up to now. I downloaded the most recent patch a few days ago, and everything has been fine since then. However, when I switched on my WoW I played a character on boulderfist. I then left and played on bronze dragonflight, and my characters have no sound effects. All that's there is music and nothing else. No sounds at all. What's caused this and how can I fix it?

by Igrumu | 26/11/2007 13:32:30


Hello Naeboz,

If you do still have sound turned on in your Sound & Voice options, try closing your game down and deleting the Config.wtf file, found in the WTF folder where you have the game installed.

When you next load the game your sound options will be reset.

If you still get no sound, feel free in posting here or try some steps in this FAQ:

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