Hidden hunter nerf in 2.4.2.

by Myrdreon | 23/04/2008 08:08:24




Dire Ravens in Blade’s Edge Mountains now tameable.
Tamed Drywallow Snappers now will know Bite 5 (instead of Claw 5.)

Seems ok.. nothing usefull like autoshot bug, pet speed movement bug or the pet agro problems and such fixed. Well, what else to expect from blizzard.

BUT WAIT! Bug fixed;

The hunter pet ability Growl will no longer scale with pet Attack Power.

Instead of fixing the problems pets have with agro (growl is no longer priority), they actually INCREASE the problems even if growl is used.
The only balance blizz is focussing on, is their bank balance. Hence classes most played get buffs, least played get nerfs.

by Slorkuz | 24/04/2008 16:13:03


2.4.2 Growl nerf. err, change.

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