Guild Lotto, Illegal or not

by Laggy | 01/03/2009 18:55:11


Hello, I would love to get a blue respond on this matter as we really want to implement this into our guild. Simple yes or no will do.

Idea is as follows. Everyone in and only people in the guild will be able to purchase a ticket which is connected to a number which is picked on random. Every week, let's say Sunday, we shall group with these people and have a /roll between let's say 1 - 250. The number that comes out is the winning number. If someone has this number he/she wins the "pot" . If there is no winner, the money stays in the pot till next week.

If it's against ToS to use gold, how about items?

Please let me know

by Xemafir | 01/03/2009 23:26:49


This may be best answered by clarifying the particular policy at the core of this issue. If I'm able to communicate the "spirit" of the policy, perhaps you can answer your own question.

A "casino" is not considered scamming because of randomizing. Casinos became a problem because certain individuals realized math was on their side, and managed to obtain large sums of gold from players lost in the heat of the moment. Human nature is drawn to games of luck under the right circumstances, and this is what the "casino keepers" took advantage of. It was therefore determined to be in the best interests of World of Warcraft to prohibit such gambling activity altogether.

Our casino policy exists to limit potential for scamming; it's not aimed to eliminate random factors from the game, nor to make guild-held events more difficult. Randomizing recipients for in-game goods is, in itself, fine - even the built-in looting systems do this all the time. Regardless, you may not accept "entry fees" of any kind during the distribution process, nor otherwise imply potential for "winning" anything, as this would be considered gambling.

Do you have in-game goods you would like to distribute among your guild? By all means do so. Simply don't make it into a lottery requiring participants to donate gold or items in order to participate.

Please feel free to request further clarification if needed.
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