Guild lotterys? (conflicting messages)

by Drenus | 03/07/2007 15:04:55


im just curious, a few days ago, i fell over this thread

Guild lotterys

in which, (if i read it right), our lovely panda says that any kind of lottery's, gambling, casino (insert other name for it) games in-game are not allowede, EVEN if its keep inside a guild.

now, also a few days ago, one of my alts joined a guild which has a lottery once a week, where the winner gets all the money from tickets sold (30 S for 1 ticket), now, personally, i like it, its a chance every week to win alittle cash for a very small fee, but remembering the thread i linked at the top, i had a discussion with the Guild leader, who contacted a GM, since it says in your policies that any player found to run a ''casino'' risk severe action taken on an account, and here's the odd thing, the GM said that as long as it was keept inside the guild, there wouldn't be a problem with it

im alittle confusede now, and since i would hate for anything to happen with the guild leaders account, or hell, every account in the guild, since we took part in it, i would like some clarification on this matter

Yours truly

Drenus the Cow

Ps. it got alittle long, but i hope you understand what i wrote

by Issuntril | 04/07/2007 12:34:24


Hi Drenus,

This is a tricky one this...

Our official policies on in-game casinos and similar gambling can be found at:

Q u o t e:
Special rule for Casino:

A player "running a casino" will invite others to bet a pre-determined amount of gold, use the "/random" command, and if the "roll" is within certain parameters, lose their money or gain winnings.
While we appreciate the fact that this is player-perpetuated content and that it brings something to many player’s game experience, a number of negative factors are involved, such as annoying spam for those who are not participating and a system which lends itself easily to players being scammed.
Thus we consider Casino as an in-game scam considering the possible issue with such a game.

If a player is found running a casino, he/she may:

* Be given a warning
* Be temporarily or permanently suspended from the game

However, a guild lottery is something which we would view differently, particularly as such a lottery is held between trusted guildmates, and there would be no spamming of public channels involved. Remember - the Game Master team are not robots, and we do appreciate that such a guild event can be a lot of fun for participating players.

In short, provided such a lottery is kept within guild members, with no spamming of public channels, then we would generally overlook this as a misdemeanour, and not take action against the organising player.


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