Ghosts, Black Knight, Tooltips

by Лайена | 16/10/2010 02:51:22


1. A certain ghost model ( and it's recolors) has bugged death animation, their 'corporal' form does not become invisible after their body crumbled into a little sphere on the ground.
2. Sometimes Black Knight's ghouls from ToCh survive his stage 2 and are present on and past stage 3.
3. Some tooltips become 'instructive', some didn't. Also 'instructive' ones had lost their damage/healing amount shown. Is it intended? How will this be resolved?

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by Natryndon | 25/10/2010 15:46:52


The first 2 are being investigated by QA (I know the elemental model you are referring too).

In your 3rd point, are you referring to ‘Beginner’ tool-tips? If so, this change is intentional, but our developers are continuing to tweak this feature in the run up to the Cataclysm launch.

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