From Russian realm to a Europe one?

by Чешир | 18/11/2010 21:20:07


Good evening. I would like to ask, if it's possible to transfer somehow my persons from Russian account to a Europe one?
The problem is, that the quality of Russian servers and support is disgusting. Russian technical support just ignore all our questions and problems. No one answer in-game tickets for days and weeks, the same thing is in forums. Technical service every wednesday delayed for many hours.
When I was playing on the Europe server for 3 years, I didn't know any of this problems (i didn't even know, what is high latency). But just when I transfered to a RU realm, the game became a big disappointment and headache. All our nerves are on it's limit=(

So, please, Blizzard, make us a small present and let us transfer to Europe realms. Thousand of players will even pay for it, just because all russian "situation" is very unpleasant.
Still, thank you.

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by Kropacius | 19/11/2010 11:07:41


Moving this to the Suggestions forum.

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