Failed to open archive ****/locale-****.MPQ

by Noew | 05/02/2008 09:26:27


Hello, when i try to play wow it says "Failed to open archive ****/locale-****.MPQ: The file is missing
so now i cant play, anyone knows anything? I've tried to repair wow but that doesnt help, please help me!

by Gelmkar | 05/02/2008 10:29:57



This error usually appears when the enGB folder located in the Data folder is damaged or missing, the files the game needs to access cannot be found so an error is returned.

In situations like this you will need to re-install the game. What you can do however to save some time is to locate the files in the data folder called patch.mpq and patch-2.mpq and rename them. This will break the game further but you should now be able to run the repair tool that is located within the games main directory to revert the game back to an earlier version which may save a complete re-install.

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