ERROR not enough storage is available

by Gnorkil | 14/04/2008 11:30:26


Hey i keep getting this message when i try to load up WOW

Not enough storage is available to process this command.

Program: H:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
File: .\DBCache.cpp

It loads the little menu, but when i click play it closes and comes up with that error each time.
Ive been playing the game fine for ages and its only just started...any ideas?

by Scrainzo | 14/04/2008 11:35:30


Hello Gnorkil

We have a repair utility that can check your files and replace corrupted files.

You can run the repair program from the shortcut in your World of Warcraft folder in the Start Menu All Programs. If you cannot find it there you can also reach it as follows:

Right Click on your World of Warcraft Shortcut on the Desktop and choose Properties
Click the Find Target button in the bottom left of the Shortcut tab.
This will display the World of Warcraft folder.
Double Click on the Repair program and choose the Reset and Check files option.
This will create a backup of your WTF, and Interface folders and your Cache files before resetting them and then begin scanning your installation for any problems.

Please try this and let me know if your issue persists.


by Scrainzo | 14/04/2008 11:57:32


Hello Siba,

In order to troubleshoot this issue further for you, I will need to collect some diagnostic information about your computer. Please attach any text files in the "Errors" and "Logs" folders from the World of Warcraft directory to an email, along with two files, your dxdiag.txt and msinfo.txt, for further diagnosis.

Please send the email to:
With a heading of: [EN] Error 132 - required files

Please also include a link in your email to this forum thread.

To obtain the log files:
Right Click on the World of Warcraft icon
Choose Properties
Click the "Find Target" button (or "Open File Location" in Vista) on the Shortcut tab

Then locate the Errors and Logs folders in the new window that appears and attach any text documents from inside to a reply to this email

To obtain the systems diagnostic files, follow the instructions below:

Important Note: Please reboot your system prior to creating the dxdiag and msinfo files.


1. Press the Windows Key + R
2. Type in DXDIAG and press Enter or click OK, this will open the DirectX diagnostic tool
3. Click on the Save All Information Button (save this file to your windows desktop and name it dxdiag).


1. Press the Windows Key + R
2. Type in MSINFO32 and press Enter or click OK, this will open the Microsoft system information tool (MSInfo).
3. Click on File and choose Export (save this file to your windows desktop as a text file and name it MSInfo). Please make sure to save this file as a .txt file and NOT as a .nfo file.
4. Attach the dxdiag.txt and msinfo.txt files to your email.


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