Blue Screen Error while playing WoW

by Jakez | 29/03/2009 23:45:19


Hey everyone

Every time I play WoW I get a blue screen error (BSOD). It mostly happen after I have been playing over an hour, in fact it only happens in 5 minutes if I try play the game again after it happen the first time.

Im running wow on my HP 550 2.0Ghz and 3GB ram. Its brand new, it came with Vista, but I did'nt even turn it on with Vista before I deleted it, and installed XP.

When my laptop is done rebooting, one of those Windows Error Report Messages pops up, if I report it, I get directed to this site:

I've tried everything on the list, and I didnt even have any USB-thing connected, not even a mouse. So I dont believe its a USB problem, more likely something "newbie" pre-programmed microsoft just links to (dont take my word on it).

I've tried updated my chipset, which where recommend on other sites. And I've also tried reinstall XP again, and again. and all drivers are the latest versions.

I only play WoW, so I dont know if it happens in other games (it doesnt happen in 3D MARK) and it doesnt happen if I watch a dvd in fullscreen mode.

I believe the error is called 0x0000008E if I remember correctly. And spent days trying to figure it out and searching on google. I've atleast concluded Im not the only one with the problem.

Really hope to hear from others who had the problem or from the tech team.

Kind regards

by Gelmkar | 30/03/2009 11:45:08



If you are getting a Blue Screen of Death, this is an actual Windows error that can often indicate a hardware or driver related problem which resulted in the Windows crash.

By default Windows will automatically restart, but you can disable this so that you are able to read the error message. To do so please follow these instructions.

Windows XP

- Right-click on "My Computer" and choose "Properties"
- Click on the "Advanced" tab
- Click on the "Settings" button in the "Startup and Recovery" box
- Uncheck the "Automatically Restart" option and click "OK"

Windows Vista

- Right-click on the "Computer" and choose "Properties"
- Under Tasks, select "Advanced System Settings"
- Click on the "Settings" button in the "Startup and Recovery" box
- Uncheck the "Automatically Restart" option and click "OK"

Next time you get this error note down all the information in that error and post back.

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