Blizzard Authenticator Problem (Iphone)

by Linainverted | 02/09/2009 09:13:08


So some days ago my Iphone went highwire and i had to reset it's settings, and basically now i am not able to log into my account.

I Contacted Technical support by phone and they said i was able to just send a picture to billing@ and call them and they would disable it.

nevertheless, i sent a whole mail to billing where i included all of my details since i had to go to the university that day and did not have an hour to wait for the support line to answer.

So this is where i am at, i am a Student and this is what i got;

Q u o t e:

I am sorry there was a form that goes with that. However if you can reply with the standard edition authentication key to your account I will take off the authentication alternatively here are the instructions

If you are requesting that the Mobile Authenticator be deactivated from your account due to receiving an error upon login that the Authenticator code entered is invalid, please try using the "Resync" button to see if that resolves the issue. Otherwise, please review the following instructions for removing the authenticator below.

Account security is a paramount concern at Blizzard Entertainment. As such we require the following documentation in order to deactivate the Mobile Authenticator:

- A legible photocopy of the identification of the registered account user. Only a government issued photo ID or Birth Certificate will be accepted for the registered user. (School IDs are *not* accepted.)

- A copy of the TOU form found at the following:

So, do i basically have to print out all the pages and answer all the questions that link sends me to? Or do i just have to print out the TOU, take a picture of it, and send it along with my other details.

Or do i pretty much have to mail the whole form by mail from Norway to the US or w/e they're located?

by Naelend | 02/09/2009 18:28:03



Looks like you have been in contact with our U.S office.

I would recommend contacting the EU office instead, since you have an EU account.

Get in contact with our Account & Billing via phone or email:

Blizzard Entertainment Europe
Technical Support

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