Berserker Stance and Warrior Itemisation

by Vaneras | 25/03/2009 17:10:46


Currently there is a lot of attack power being thrown around with buffs, consumables and enchants, and we are thinking about compensating for this by possibly changing Improved Berserker Stance so that it would yield 20% Strength instead of the current 10% attack power.

We are also likely to add 2 more ranks to Armored to the Teeth, however that may be too big of a change to make for patch 3.1

In regards to itemisation for Warriors, we wish for plate to be the best in slot for warriors, and not for example the leather that some Warriors sometimes prefer because they feel the stats on leather armor is more attractive to warriors.

One of the problems we are facing is that agility isn’t that useful for Warriors, and since armor with both strength and attack power is rather inane, we need another stat to add to plate armor instead of agility or attack power, which we currently do not have. The alternative we have is to convert some of the Stamina into Strength, but this is a problem, because that would be a direct buff to Warriors that would be over the top and would also require us to rebalance all of the damage abilities to compensate. This is possibly something we may end up doing in the long-term, but in Short-term it would push warriors farther away from being balanced.

We will look at sacrificing some Stamina for Strength on the dps gear that has both stats for 3.1, but we can't make any promises that this will happen. If we end up doing this, we may need to nerf plate dps in other places, but of course we will have to see what the numbers look like first.

In Ulduar there are more rings with Strength and more leather with Agility instead of attack power, but we don't want every single piece that drops for you to be an unquestionable dps increase. We like the kind of gameplay where you will need to evaluate and decide when you can afford to break a set bonus, a meta gem stack, when you have to get new gems with +hit because you are replacing your hit trinket, etc. This should of course not be interpreted as Ulduar gear not being better than Naxxramas gear, but you may not necessarily be craving or interested in everything that drops in Ulduar.

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