Absolutely stunning

by Diddydot | 13/11/2008 10:43:42


I've enjoyed many experiences in the world of warcraft but the death knight starting area was absolutely sublime and in another league to the rest of the game i've experienced (i've not been to nagrand). I literally sat down at the start of it and was in outland before i stopped.

The instancing was superb and really added something that is usually sorely missing in mmos that is a cohesive, dynamic story that i really felt a part of (hopefully with the next instanced area they do, they'll have the option to change the story based on your actions - i thought i was going to be given a choice near the end of the questline from an old friend (hint not a spoiler) but alas no)

the only reason i'm not posting on my new main, the deathknight, is that the forums haven't been updated to allow to do it

/applaud blizzard

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by Vaneras | 13/11/2008 15:01:32


Yup... The Death Knight starting experience is pretty awesome. I had so much fun playing actually that it cost me a proper nights sleep because I went to bed waaaaaay too late... Those people who say that sleep are for old men and corpses are dead wrong :-(

Anyways, who of you ended up rolling a different race than what you voted in the poll? (Which race will your Death Knight be? )

I voted that I would roll a Troll Death Knight, but I just couldn't resists the Dwarf Death Knight when it came to it :-)
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