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Community News
Vaneras, Slorkuz, Wryxian & Takralus 15/10/2010


Swedish site Levelcap.se is organising another Cataclysm dungeon run. It’s due to take place on the evening of 16 October. Players can either sign up to take part or watch the stream, visit the site for more info.

Polish site battlenet.pl has translated all the recent changes that took place in patch 4.0.1.

Polish site WoWCenter.pl announced it is looking for news reporters, find out more below.

Italian site Battlecraft has posted an informative lore article on Garrosh Hellscream, telling his story so far.
There’s also a new talent builder on the site for you to try out,
as well as another summary of all the 4.0.1 changes.

Italian site WoW Italia has translated an information article on the Battle for Gilneas.
It’s also giving away more Cataclysm beta keys.

Serbian site WoW-Serbia has presented a nice summary of info on patch 4.0.1.

English site WoWJuju talks about the earthquakes that are now occurring in Azeroth and asks "What’s going on here?!".

English site Myndflame has released the latest episode of ROFLBear for you to check out.

Turkish site WoW-TR has written up a guide to 4.0 which includes a rundown of all the changes, providing examples and images.

Be sure to check out our other official fansites for their latest news and information.

World of ComicCraft:

World of Questcraft: In your eye!

Arena-Inside: Will somebody fix that teleport?!

World of Warcraft, Eh?: So then, a bunch of zombies came rushing towards us...

Beyond the Tree: Emergence

Dark Legacy Comics: We should get paid for this.

Looking For Group: We appreciate you expediting matters

Teh Gladiators: Ze Elevator Ride

Other stuff:

There’s a new WoW-related site called MMO Melting pot, which is a compilation of interesting blogs from across the web. The articles this week include debates on the best way to make a profit at the Auction House, how to make PUGs run smoother and a guide to trolls, of the forum/blog kind.

Myrddin’s Shaman Blog has a new Enhancement Shaman 4.0 guide, which covers everything from builds, talents, glyphs, gems and more.

Community Events:

Event: MASQUERADE! – 16 October, 19:00 realm time, Darkshire
Description: Ladies and Gentlemen. Ghouls and Banshees! Prepare yourselves for a night of horrifying splendour and monstrous grace. Right under the nose of Hallow's End, the Scarecrow's Night will once more take place in the most dark village found in all of the kingdoms, Darkshire!
Realm: Argent Dawn
Organised by: Acrona
More Information: Scarecrow's Night [16 Oct - RP Event on AD]

Event: Theramore Faire – 17 October, 19:00 to 22:00 realm time, Theramore.
Description: The Guild Union invites everyone to the first Theramore Faire, kept in the city of Theramore on the 17th day of this month, 7 PM Kalimdorian time.
Realm: Moonglade
Organized by: Amiel
More Information: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=14870028020&sid=1

Event: Save the Princess – 21 October, 18:00 – 21:00, realm & faction TBA
Description: Save the princess! (Read: ROLE PLAY! Competition aims to take the whole theme of role-playing game from start to finish.)
Realm: TBA
Organized by: Bloodysold
More Information: http://www.goblinexplosives.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=3321

Event: Secrets of the Kaldorei – 24 October - 20:30 realm time
Description: Secrets of the Kaldorei is a treasure hunt – like event, combined with some lore knowledge and in game mechanics, which all sums up to a contest involving lots of riddles, questions, and puzzles
Realm: Moonglade
Organised by: Knights of the Ebon Flame
More Information: [A][RP]Secrets of the Kaldorei (24th Oct)

Enjoy the weekend! :)

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