12/04 Additional information on professions

by Ommra | 12/04/2007 14:06:26


  • Jewelcrafting: The cooldown times on Earthstorm and Skyfire Diamond transmutes have been reduced to one day.

  • Herbalism: The chances to find a Fel Lotus while picking an herb have been increased.

  • Tailoring: The Spellfire and Shadoweave tunics have been changed to robes.

  • Primal Nethers may now be puchased from G'eras for Badges of Justice.

These changes will take place in the next patch, 2.1.0.

by Ommra | 12/04/2007 18:10:15


This has been posted along with other Profession changes in this thread:
12/04 Profession changes for 2.1.0

Please remember that all notes may be subject to change.

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