The Truth About Gems In Clash Royale Mobile Game

Clash Royale is certainly a very popular game, so much that they have tournaments and rankings. Make no mistake about it though, if you are going to rank up there with the best of them, you are going to have to spend some money, or do you? You see, there have been tons of ways created to get free gems, Clash Royale hack so to speak. Gems aren’t everything in the game, but in one way or another, they do lead to everything.


Clash Royale isn’t the first game by far that hackers have tried to come up with cheats for. It is part of the gaming culture now because of games being free yet costing so much. Wait, how are games free yet cost so much? They are free to download as apps on your mobile phone, but then you are constantly tempted with purchases to try and move forward in the game and compete with others. To counter the coiners, hackers have come up with ways to get free gems.

Do they work? Are these free gem hacks ethical? They cut corners and go against the game developers so if you ask me, no, no they are not. It is really unfortunate though that the game developers do this to the people out there all trying to enjoy their games on an even playing field. So if you ask me, I might have an ethical issue when it comes to the game developers, too.

That doesn’t mean that gems should be hacked. Furthermore, it doesn’t mean that the gem hack is going to work. Let’s say you play Clash Royale and you are far along. Suddenly, you try one of these gem hacks, thinking it is going to work, but everything backfires. You try frantically to get your account back up, but the only thing hacked is you.

It has been awhile since I have played Clash of Clans. These days, I really only have time for one game to play on the reg, and Clash of Clans isn’t it. Most people when playing join a clan, and I mention this because people can talk in clan chat. In most of the clans if not all, clan chat is full of nothing but gem hack stuff. It makes you wonder who falls for stuff like that, but it is cyclical, as people are always in and out of clans and just now starting the game.

There is actually Clash Royale hack┬áthat works, too, but most of the cheats are likely just ploys to hack others. As a matter of fact, I was talking to my friend awhile back, the one who introduced me to the game Clash Royale. He told me that his first account was hacked. Now I didn’t ask at the time because I wasn’t as familiar with how scrupulous these hackers were, but I’m assuming he probably clicked on one of these gem hack sites and one thing led to the other.

It is hard not to try one of those sites, but if you do, please use the legitimate Clash Royale hack tool. I have played other games where it seemed much more obvious that you need help to keep up with the most powerful gamers. In other words, it seems to me that it is fun playing Clash Royale without needing the extra gems. The matches are short, your game is mobile and sure, while the coiners might get ahead, you are still going to have tons of fun playing the game.

There are other ways to get ahead like helping your clan get clan chest. Those coiners are going to be doing the same thing, so if you are in a clan with them, you will benefit in that way. Also, if coining is too expensive, but you don’t mind it every once in awhile, there are special the game has every so often where you get more for your money.

How long have you been playing Clash of Clans? I played the game for a few months, and then it fell to the wayside because my ultimate game is Hearthstone. Hearthstone certainly has in app purchases, but I do not make them. My friend and I decided to play from the beginning the whole way through without coining. It has been fun and so far, so good. Hearthstone isn’t the kind of game that makes you feel inadequate if you don’t coin. In my opinion, Clash Royale cheats don’t make you feel like you need to coin either near as much as some other games like Evony and Tynon.

If you manage to play Clash Royale without coining or using gem hacks and make it to the top, you absolutely have to leave a review for everyone. Let them know what you were able to accomplish. Maybe it will help the gamers decide to go a different route when it comes to using these hacks or not. Remember, it’s uncertain as to whether most of these hacks can even be used.

If there is a good one, which one is it? That’s going to be the hack tool available here online. Even if it does work, it’s a hack. You don’t want to do all that hard work just to have your account stolen or closed. These Clash Royale gamers do take the game seriously, but just slow your roll. You will be able to keep up. Use the right cheats and you are good with your account being safe and secure.

When you aren’t able to keep up, just realize it is probably because someone cheated ( So who cares, you can do the same and that is all that matters. Hackers get bored and move on so Clash Royale will be a lot more hacker free in the future. Of course by then, the next big game will have taken over, and all the hackers will have flocked to it. Just enjoy playing games with taking a closer look at what the hacking world has to offer.